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UK universities take less qualified foreigners to make more money

Allegations have come out that UK universities are admitting less qualified foreign students so they can make more money off of them, a not so shocking development. British students are charged £9,000 per year in tuition and foreigners £13,500, thus making more money for the university. That’s not a secret; some universities have come right out and said that it’s the foreign students that pay their bills. Unfortunately it’s become clear that UK universities are passing up British students with far better scores on their A-levels in favor of students from around the world that fail to make the proper grades but are still admitted for that little bit of extra cash. Undercover reporters did a great deal of the work and came away with shocking information on the subject that might just shake up the higher education system in the UK.
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Doctors say UK schools should teach about the ills of fatty foods

In an effort to combat growing health and obesity concerns in the UK The British Medical Association recommended that schools make teaching children about fatty foods a part of the national curriculum. They recommend a comprehensive nutritional education for students in the hopes that it will improve the health of future generations.

It’s not a bad idea to spread the word about healthy eating to students in the UK education system. The truth is that obese and unhealthy people have a wide-ranging effect on a country. Healthcare costs go up as completely preventable illnesses are suffered by the overweight and unhealthy. Unhealthy people get less work done. They have lazier and less effective children. It’s not just an unhealthy person killing themselves with food and fat; it’s killing the country. That’s why the UK school system needs to step in.
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Scottish University blames poverty for education issues

St. Andrews, a prestigious university in Scotland, blames the UK education system in poor areas for the lack of acceptance of kids from those areas to top notch universities across the UK. It says that children from those areas simply don’t get the scores needed to achieve admission. Perhaps they’re taking the wrong approach though. What is St. Andrews and other top universities in England were to look at the top scores in comparison to the rest. In other words, if everyone in the poor areas is badly educated then it stands to reason that the top scoring students are the smartest and deserve to be let into the top universities where their minds can be given the true workout they need. Sure, they might need a bit of help getting up to speed on certain subjects but they’re just as smart as the kids from the wealthy areas so admit them and give them the chance they deserve.
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Government might use schools to help cut childcare costs for parents

Working parents are having trouble shouldering the burden of exorbitant childcare costs and the UK education system might be able to help. The government would have to spend a little more money but if it means the citizens being able to work and not spend all their salary on a nanny or daycare then it’s probably worth it. Currently among the plans being considered is to have the UK education system basically pick up the childcare by staying open later. Schools could keep the children until 8 PM, which would allow the parents plenty of time to work and come home to pick up the kids. A big issue is that the cost of childcare is rising faster than wages, leading to issues for parents that cause larger problems. If you can’t pay for childcare then maybe the child doesn’t eat well or is home alone or any number of other issues.
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Culture secretary announces plan to teach appreciation of culture

Jeremy Hunt is on the job as the Culture Secretary and he plans on funding a new initiative that will improve the UK education system with regards to teaching an appreciation of culture. He believes it’s criminal not to do so and puts students in UK schools behind the rest of the world and he might not be wrong. He believes that not teaching children about culture is equally as irresponsible as not teaching them about science, geography, math, etc. Culture certainly doesn’t seem as important as those subjects but for the UK education system to build well-rounded students they need to teach everything and infuse in the young girls and boys that come through the schools a desire to learn about all things. The money will be used to fund this appreciation of culture and is sure to make a difference.
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Cambridge University teacher protested by students

It seems that Mr. Martin Sewell, a teacher at Cambridge University runs a website that features Nazi imagery and all sorts of insulting comments about other races. For instance, he calls female immigrants “exotic fruit” and says that black people are dumber than other races. He’s only been teaching at Cambridge for seven months and it appears that the university failed to properly look into their new hire as that sort of bigoted view on life is entirely inappropriate for a place of higher learning.

The UK education system should work a little harder. It probably wouldn’t have taken much more than a Google search to find out his views and learn that they are quite offensive to most of the world. The students at Cambridge have complained frequently about Mr. Sewell and now that he’s making the news a little bit perhaps something will be done about it.
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UK education system to improve failing schools

It’s the government’s job to manage the public school system and help improve the schools that are failing to educate the students properly, which is why the UK government has determined that ever failing primary school will be turned into an academy. The idea is to crank up the speed at which the fixing is done. The academies program for UK schools is designed to improve them quickly with government oversight and assistance. The schools are thrust into the modern age and given the tools to succeed. Sponsors are recruited to help fund the academies and the end result should be a better education for the students in those areas. These schools tend to be in lower income areas and the students suffer when they shouldn’t have to. Their education shouldn’t be compromised simply because their parents don’t make gobs of money.
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Many UK school children prove too violent for the classroom

The UK government’s behavior tsar recently announced that a growing number of UK school children have grown too violet to stay in the classroom. These children show extreme aggression and anti social behavior and their presence is so disruptive to the class that they simply cannot be allowed to continue. The bad behaviors include kicking, biting, and other forms of physical aggression.

Even schools that are used to dealing with disciplinary problems would have trouble dealing with these students, which is why they can’t be allowed to continue at the school. The tsar placed some of the blame on parents that fail to make it clear to their children just how serious it is that they behave well in class. Something in the home is the likely cause of violence towards others so it would be helpful to the UK school system of parents did their part to help their children succeed in class.
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More teens than ever leaving UK schools after 16

For the first time in a decade the number of students leaving school after the age of 16 has increased in the UK. Also, the number of teenagers that have no jobs, aren’t in school, and aren’t training for a job has risen by 8%. These figures are particularly worrying for a government that is worried about its economic future. A generation with a high percentage of untrained and unemployed workers is an issue.

The UK schools could perhaps be doing something more to convince the teens to stay and continue their education and they most certainly should be looking into something in that realm. The government has been criticized for failing to provide more jobs for the teenagers and to provide incentives to keep them in school. If something isn’t done the economy will suffer long term.
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Graduates from UK schools taking low paying jobs

An alarming trend is developing in the UK as graduates from UK schools are being forced to take low paying jobs typically held by those without an education. That then forces those people into unemployment, which means even greater countrywide poverty. The jobs they’re taking are usually an hourly pay style of work and don’t make use of the education the students have received in their United Kingdom schools. The education system isn’t failing though; it’s the economy that’s leaving these students high and dry. There simply aren’t enough jobs to accommodate the number of available employees. The percentage of graduates without a job six months after completion has risen to 9 percent from 5, an alarming number. If the economy bounces back it’s likely that everything will resolve itself but in that time these young folks are going to struggle and their lives are going to feel exceptionally difficult.
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